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End of Season Cleanup time is here. Need a Garden Revival?
Call (413) 461-6832 to make an appointment

Removal and Prevention of weeds, Garden bed cleanup, Soil Amendment & Testing,
Compost pile set-up, Pruning for Health and Beauty, Container Maintenance.

A garden full of color and beauty is easy to achieve with the right planning. The success of any beginning flower garden is following a few basic steps before the flowers are even planted. Careful forethought and planning will produce beautiful blooms that last all growing se ..
The garden is a perfect setting for a job skills training program for youth. Crew members learn valuable and marketable job skills in a supportive work setting. They learn how to plant, tend, and harvest organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed for market, how to writ ..
Getting It Right from the Start Whether you recently moved into a new home or you’ve just got the gardening itch, planning a new garden can be a great deal of fun. The opportunity to act as creator can be very appealing. But anyone who has gardened for long has learned ..